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Living Room Transformed: Project Indigo

I've been beyond excited to share the transformation of our living room. I'll try to hurry to the good stuff because I know that's what you've come to see ( I do the same thing on other blogs)! But before I show you the finished product, I want to give you a full before and after.

When buying any home, the layout is an important factor, but there are other elements that make it Pinterest worthy such as decor and details. So when we saw our living room for the first time, we automatically knew a floor to ceiling fireplace was a MUST! It accentuates the height of the ceiling and gives the room a certain level of style that only a fireplace can do!

Before Pictures of Living Room

Call in the Professionals

Our next step was to call our interior designer, Talisha Bowers of 2BGlamHomeDesigns in Houston, TX and allow her to work pure magic! We literally just told her the color scheme (Navy Blue, White, and Grey) and she ran with it! The first major task was the wainscoting on the largest wall in the living room. She immediately suggested we create a bold statement on the wall to keep it interesting and model home worthy (I love model homes... so dreamy)! Once completed, we changed out the ceiling fan to something larger and more modern to keep the ascetics in line with our vision for the living room.

We decided to take our kids on a quick getaway to allow Talisha to do the full remodel of the space. When we came back home, our mouth absolutely hit the floor! Everything was just WOW! The room took on a new fresh look and she exceeded our expectations. Project Indigo was a success!

After Pictures of Living Room

I'm so excited to share the final photos of our living room. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the space. Can't wait to share the next space with you!

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